Name: Corgicoin
Ticker: CORG
PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
PoS Algorithm: Proof of Stake 2.0
Stake Rate: 10% Annual stake rate
Block Time: 30 Seconds
Min age: 1 hours
Maturity: 60 days max weight age
TX fee: 0.000001 CORG
Confirmations: 10 confirms for transaction but spendable and usable after 1 confirm
Difficulty Re-target: Every block
P2P Port: 29091
RPC Port: 29092
Max Coins: 10 Billion
Launch Date: 1/14/2016

Current wallet version: v2.0.0 – please use blockchain download to sync up the new wallet version!boRTVQQT!C2bAjYFLAAsmQi-NlDbhU47zZicpoXBVfl2cA_qpGvc


Windows-QT: -binaries -setup installer

Mac Wallet: -binaires -setup installer

Linux Source: -do not use, they havent updated wallet

Block Explorer:

Coin Market Cap:

IRC Channels:
Freenode IRC Corgi Channel with tip bot: ##corgicoin    enter the channel register your name if you are new to IRC, chat in the room a little and then type .faucet to be rewarded!

Other Corgicoin forum links:

This is a community coin what we all have a chance to be apart of and have a voice where this coin goes. Do your part to help corgicoin get added other places and create a ecosystem around it!